Property and land purchase, exchange

Our value is a fair collaboration. Discover our offer for your property – located anywhere in Latvia!
We will look through any offer to purchase forest or agricultural land, or to acquire it as a result of an exchange. Our goal is to make management more efficient, so we prefer properties that border our territories. We will also help you divide or separate your property for further utilisation.
In order for us to make an offer and make a property valuation, we are looking for the following information::
  • the name of the property;
  • the cadastral number of the property;
  • actual printout of the forest inventory;
  • your preferred price.
The sale of the property will require payment of capital gain tax. This tax is calculated at 20% of the difference between the selling price and the purchase price or between selling price and the cadastral value.

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We have been operating throughout Latvia since 2014. Our team consists of highly qualified forest industry professionals with many years of practical experience.


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We are proud of our long-term cooperation with every client and positive recommendations! We are one of the leading forest management companies in Latvia.
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