Locating felling sites

We provide service for locating and marking felling areas and preparing its sketches.
An integral part of forest management work is locating and marking felling sites visibly in preparation for tree felling. The marks ease orientation in the forest - they have to be clearly visible. Marks ensure that the logging process takes place within the planned felling area.
Locating felling areas and drawing its sketches are needed to do:
  • felling in the main felling (a sketch must be submitted together with the application to the State Forest Service);
  • sanitary felling - to remove damaged trees after wind damage, snow breaks, snow slides, as well as insect, animal and fire damage.
The felling marks in nature and the borders should match the sketches submitted to the State Forest Service - our specialists will quickly and accurately prepare the sketches and necessary documents according to the actual requirements.
When locating the felling sites - its boundaries, lengths (of the edges) and the azimuths are marked. Paths are located in the West-East and North-South directions into the nature. As clearly visible track around felling site can be assumed forest stands up to 20 years of age, glade, land (non-forest use), boundary tracks, forest infrastructure or clearly marked boundary of a felled area with a color, ribbon or visor.
Sketches of felling sites are drawn using a GPS device or drawn in a computer program according to previously collected coordinates. This results in a graphical image of the outer lines of the felling area.

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