Forest management

Learn the steps of proper forest management and increase the value of your forest!

Experience how the value of your forest visibly rises!

We offer full cycle forest management:
  • retain forest ownership;
  • get a tailor made forest management plan;
  • trust our team - including professionals with 30+ years of forestry experience;
  • see significant changes in the first 5 years!
We will survey your forest together with you and give valuable recommendations for forest management for the long-term!

Sustainable forest management:

We offer to take care of your forest management from one stage to full cycle.

We will create the most appropriate management model between the requirements of nature protection and the legislation – we will preform all work in a professional manner and in agreement with you. The forest management stages include:

Assessment of forest condition

Our experts will evalute the condition of your forest on-site, as well as provide advice and recommendations for sustainable forest management.

Strategy development

Based on our expert assessment and your wishes, we will develop a forest managment paln.

Preparation for strategy implementation

We will prepare both documents and felling area to start forestry operations. We will set up felling areas and prepare area sketches for submission to the State Forest Service. If necessary, we will carry out forest inventories, restoration of border marks and cleaning the borders.

Harvesting the mature trees

Taking into account the requirements of nature protection and legislation, as well as your wishes, we will do harvesting of the mature trees in the right weather using the most appropriate technology.

Cleaning up the felling site and adjacent area

We will arrange infrastructure objects, remove branches and leave the felling area in order.

Soil preparation

We will prepare the soil qualitatively for planting or restoring the forest to its natural state.

Choosing seedlings and reforestation.

We will find the most suitable and quality seedlings of local species at a favorable price. We also offer the preparation and afforestation of low value agricultural land.

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We have been operating throughout Latvia since 2014. Our team consists of highly qualified forest industry professionals with many years of practical experience.


We are based on environmentally friendly and socially responsible principles with the aim to strengthen the sustainability of the forest sector.


Forest management strategy, maintenance and development are our expertise.


We are proud of our long-term cooperation with every client and positive recommendations! We are one of the leading forest management companies in Latvia.