Forest inventory

Record the volume, status, value of the wood and overall conditions in your forest.
Forest inventory is the documentation and mapping of the real state of the forest. This includes the assessment of the forest, specifying the areas included in the forest and adjacent forest infrastructure objects.
Our team has certified forest taxators with many years of experience - we will make your forest inventory and document preparation quickly and qualitatively. We will prepare forest management plan if necessary.
It is your responsibility, as a forest owner or legal administrator to provide a first inventory of forest in your ownership or legal administration, as well as to repeat it at least every 20 years and to submit it to the State Forest Service.

An up-to-date forest inventory is necessary to:
– identify the state of the forest and its structure;
– harvest trees in the forest;
– apply for EU funding or co-financing of forest sector support programs;
– receive real estate tax deductions for owned young stands and restrictions on economic activities.

Forest inventory is the process of obtaining and documenting the information about the forest. Forest taxation provides data on the amount, spatial distribution, composition and structure of forest resources. Forest valuation is the estimation of the amount, benefit and value of forest stands, wooded areas, felling sites, trees in the forest, felled trees and harvested timber. Data on the growth of stand stock allow us to forecast forest use. In order to create a new taxation, the forest owner must contact the taxator or have it entrusted to us.
Forest inventory is made within 2 - 3 weeks. After submission to the State Forest Service, the forest inventory is confirmed within 30 days. Forest inventory is prepared in 2 copies - one copy for the forest owner and the other for the State Forest Service.

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